9 Signs of Mental Illness-Symptoms and Causes

9 Signs of Mental Illness-Symptoms and Causes

Mental disorders are sometimes called mental illnesses. A mental disorder is a condition that affects your ability to think, feel, or behave normally. The following list of symptoms and causes of mental illness in men may help you understand just what it means to have these conditions.

Mental Illness in Men

1. Anxiety (anxiety disorders)

2. Depression (major depressive disorder, major depressive episode, and dysthymia)

3. Alcoholism / Alcoholic liver disease / Alcohol abuse / Alcohol dependence

4. Bipolar Disorder (manic depression)

5. Dissociative Disorder (multiple personality disorder)

6. Major Depressive Disorder (depressive disorders that lack a biological cause, such as bipolar disorders.)

7. Paranoid Personality Disorder (a mental illness characterized by persecutory delusions or paranoid ideations.)

Causes & Symptoms of Mental Illness in Men

Cocaine and amphetamine use: People who use stimulants like cocaine, speed or methamphetamines (MDPH) to treat their ADHD symptoms may be at risk for developing a mental disorder. Cocaine is often the drug of choice for many people with ADHD because of its immediate high effects, but it can also lead to feelings of euphoria and short-term memory loss.

Amphetamines (also known as “meth” or “speed”) are similar to cocaine in that they increase alertness and attention span. However, amphetamines have the ability to cause severe mood swings, which can make it harder for people with ADHD to stay focused. Amphetamines can also produce rapid-eye movement sleepiness that helps maintain focus on tasks.

People who take prescription medications for depression will be more likely to develop a mental disorder at some point if they are not being treated properly by a doctor. A person’s history may include anxiety, panic attacks, social phobia or bipolar disorder; these conditions are called Axis I or II disorders . For example, someone who has always had severe panic attacks could develop one of these mental disorders without being diagnosed.

But sometimes mental problems go undiagnosed because the

9 Signs of Mental Illness-Symptoms and Causes

Treatment for Mental Illness in Men.

In addition to your symptoms, you may also need treatment for mental illnesses. Mental illness can affect any part of an individual’s life, such as:

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